Special Events/ Specials

Let's get this party started!  Have your creative Party here-  the most affordable Birthday in the area! They also take home their Masterpiece the same day.  They can choose from our plaster/ceramic items or do a canvas painting.

At Paint For Fun, parties are our specialy! Below you will find our most common parties, but don't feel limited to these choices! We will work with you to customize the perfect party for your needs. In the past we have hosted field trips, baby showers, camps, scouts, church groups, family get togethers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, senior centers, and pre-schools. We can host your group at the studio or travel for birthday parties or enrichment programs. Call 603-617-3595 to reserve your party today! 

Birthday Parties

Planning your child’s birthday party can be overwhelming. At Paint For Fun we take the stress out of planning so you can relax! Our friendly staff supervise and oversee the entire painting process, leaving the parents to enjoy the party. Your guests choose from a huge assortment of plaster figurines and plaques... and then the fun begins! While the pieces are set aside to dry, the cake is served and presents are opened! *We can also provide* ( at an additional cost) Cake and Drinks.

 Plaster Art Party Package  $15.00 per guest includes:  or canvas painting $17.00
  Minimum of 8 guests

  • Private party table for 90 minutes
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Plaster art item (from pink or green shelf)
  • Party invitations
  •  paint, brushes, finishing spray and glitter (only if they Want)
  • Party themed plates, cups, napkins, and forks

The birthday child receives a Paint For Fun t-shirt signed by your guests! As always there are no hidden costs. We handle it all from set up to clean up! Best of all, Each Painter Will Take His or Her Finished Creation Home at the End of the Party!

Have a Canvas Painting Party for your child and their friends...just for fun!
  Each child pays for their own canvas and you provide the snacks, the party host child paints free!
  Have you always wanted to try canvas painting but always thought it was for professionals only? Try a Canvas Party at Paint For Fun! A sketch will be done prior to painting so you have no need to worry about "messing up"! Our friendly staff will be on hand for as much, or as little guidance as your party wants.

Canvas Party Package  $$17. per person includes: Kids from 2years old - 100
  minimum 8 guests

  (How about an Adult Party..Day or Evening)

  • Private party table for 90 minutes
  • Friendly and skilled party coordinator
  • Instruction
  • Canvas, paints, brushes  all materials
  • Party invitations
  • A stamped membership card for each guest
  • Party themed plates, cups, napkins and forks

"Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain one when we grow up"         ~Picasso
                  (the Canvas Party is for adults as well as children!)

** Please note that this package does not include cake and drinks. Paint For Fun will supply cake and drinks at an additional cost**

Want to enjoy your child's birthday in the comfort of your own home? Take advatange of our Party-In-A-Box! You will receive everything needed to have a Paint For Fun party... at home!

Party-In-A-Box Package $20.00 per guest includes:

  • Plaster art item (from pink shelf)
  • Brush
  • Paints
  • Disposable apron
  • A stamped membership card for each guest

As always there are no hidden costs. The birthday child will receive a Paint For Fun t-shirt. All of this will be carefully packaged in a decorated Party Box and ready for you to pick up!

Want the full Paint For Fun birthday experience in the comfort of your own home? We will come to you!

Comforts of Home Party Package  $20.00 per guest includes:

  • Helpful and friendly staff for 90 minutes
  • Instruction
  • A selection of plaster art to choose from
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Disposable apron
  • Matte, high gloss, or glitter finish
  • A stamped membership card for each guest

The birthday child will receive a Paint For Fun t-shirt. Because of the high cost of fuel, travel charges may apply.

Fund Raising

Paint For Fun wants to help your organization fund raise!

We will donate 20% of our TOTAL SALES for the day to your organization! Contact Patti to schedule a fund raiser day at Paint for Fun for your organization. Depending on how you advertise, you organization could make a lot of money! Paint For Fun will include free advertising on our website and Facebook page. Your organization will receive the donation at the end of the day.

Art Enrichment

We come to you!

Our Art Enrichment Programs are appropriate for ages 2 and older! We Have been to pre-schools, senior centers, and everything in between! We will bring an assortment of art plaster figurines and plaques based on your designated theme. We will work with your coordinator to customize to your group's needs!

Sessions include a friendly and skilled enrichment coordinator, an assortment of plaster art, paints, and brushes. Finished art pieces are sprayed with a high gloss, matte, or glitter finish. Best of all, the art pieces are taken home at the end of the session! Contact Patti for scheduling and pricing details.

$6.00 per person...minimum 10 people